Knitting Workshop

– Have you ever wondered how long it takes to make a hat?
– Ever wanted to learn how to knit but was not sure where to start?
– Or perhaps you might of started when you were young and lost the rythm?

Welcome to the KNITTING WORKSHOP, where you will learn the very basics of knitting from a professional designer and leave with a finished product.

You will learn the following:
• The importance of swatching
• Gauge (sizing & fit)
• Knitting flat vs knitting in the round
• Basic stitches
• Casting on
• Joining colors
• Finishings
• Washing
• Blocking

For more info about the curriculum, please write to us.

PACKAGE: 80$ tx. inc. , includes:
– 2x2h training on knitting
– A standard knitting tools kit
– 1 pattern
– 1 Skin of Peruvian highland wool

*RESERVATION ONLY* (ended Oct. 5th)